Hydrating The Homeless

Contact us today to learn how you can help fight homelessness here in Las Vegas.

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Registered Charity: For Profit Co-Op

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  • Charles Grosh

New Green Deal first step to a new future

Facing much skepticism in the media, the New Green Deal calls out Big Business and plans to change how we live in order to create a better, healthier planet for us all.

The #Green New Deal (GND) is a set of proposed #economic stimulus programs in the United States that aim to address #climate change and economic inequality. The name refers to the New Deal, a set of social and economic reforms and public works projects undertaken by President Franklin D. #Roosevelt in response to the Great Depression.

We need to make real change in how we live our lives.

The Green New Deal combines Roosevelt's economic approach with #modern ideas such as #renewable energy and resource efficiency. A previous policy similar to the Green New Deal was the 2008 tax incentive for solar panels.